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The Associated Press
Hawaii Attorney General Investigation into 2023 Maui wildfires
Hawaii Attorney General Anne Lopez on April 17 released the first of a series of reports outlining her office's investigation into the wildfires that devastated the island of Maui in August of 2023.
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30 mln na salę koncertową, która nie działa
The Ministry of Culture, under the Law and Justice government, tried to pull the EU to put up a concert hall for a Warsaw music school. Eight years after the decision to build it, the hall, though it has already cost 30 million zlotys, is unfinished.
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Jak stryj Sebastiana Kalety dorobił się na publicznych przetargach
The companies of Boguslaw Kaleta, uncle of the deputy minister of justice, are outclassing the competition in road construction contests in Chełm County. His associates have been suspected of corruption for two years.
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Minister Szwed rozdał 1,8 mln zł na seniorów w swoim okręgu wyborczym
A day before the publication of the results of the Active+ competition, the Family Ministry is changing the regulations. This allows Deputy Minister Stanislaw Szwed to distribute as much as a quarter of the money at his discretion.
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Rydzyk, Sakiewicz, Srebrna. Do kogo płyną miliony z budżetu UE
Tadeusz Rydzyk's foundation, Tomasz Sakiewicz's company, the Karnowski brothers' company and a shoal of unknown firemanships - a stream of money from the EU budget is flowing to friends of the Law and Justice government.
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